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What it Takes to Repair Pool Plaster

Posted on: September 12th, 2015 by affordablepoolrepair No Comments

Your swimming pool surface should be smooth and consistent, so that you can enjoy your swimming pool to the maximum. Unfortunately, as your swimming pool begins to age, the plaster would start to show cracks and hollow spots that would progressively get worse as time goes by. If the plaster is not maintained or repaired occasionally, the surface would start to chip and the gruntie below the plaster would become visible. The following will tell you what it takes to repair and maintain your swimming pool plaster:

1. Swimming pool plasters are make of quartz sand, cement and other additives. Repairing these materials would need the use of protective wear like rubber gloves, rubber boots and safety goggles. Small cracks and chips need to be treated by first cutting the area out using a chisel.

2. A grinder would then have to be used to grind the cracks around half an inch deep. Such treatment would have to be extended for around an inch on each end of the crack. After the crack dries, the dust and debris needs to be scrubbed using a wiree brush.

3. The crack would need to be treated with caulk before a pool surface patch fills it. The patching mixture needs to be added gently and skillfully so that there are no air gaps. Pool patching mixtures can be purchased at hardware stores.

4. Once the plaster patch is applied, it should be smoothened by using a trovel and the surface should be treated to keep it consistent with the rest of the surface. The mixture needs to be kept moist or wet so that it will cure properly.

The process of pool repair and maintenance requires the right equipments and a good degree of skill. It is always best to leave such work to the professionals as they will be able to properly identify problems and solve them with more effectively.