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Three Problems You May Face With Your Pool Heating Equipment

Posted on: September 14th, 2015 by affordablepoolrepair No Comments

Maintaining the heating equipment becomes an important part of your pool repair process. The problems that pool heaters face is often more complicated than those faced by the pool pumps or filters. It is important to refer to the service manual of the heater before any repair is done. Given below are some of the most common problems that heating equipment face.

1. The heater does not turn on: It could be an electrical problem or a mechanical problem within the filtration system. Most of the heating systems nowadays have safety interlocks inbuilt. It means that if parameters like water pressure or voltage are not within the safe limits, the pool heater may not turn on. Usually interlocks triggered by such conditions cause indicators to glow.

2. The equipment makes unusual noises: You may hear unusual sounds or noises like whines, grinding or sometimes even sharp bangs from your heating equipment. It can be caused due to debris, which stuck inside filters and hoses. Sometimes, it can be caused due to a faulty pressure interlock which makes the heating system run even when the pool pump is switched off. If this is the case, it needs to be switched off immediately and you need to call a pool repair technician.

3. The heater does not heat the water enough: Once you give a temperature setting, and the heater switches off after completing its process, you would expect the pool water to have achieved the desire temperature. However, as the heating equipment ages, its ability to heat the water effectively reduces. It is caused due to the build up of dirt on the filter or having old values and switches, which need replacement. It may also be possible that the capacity of the heater is not adequate for the amount of water your pool holds. It is best to refer to a manufacturer’s product guide to know the right size of heating equipment for your swimming pool.

Heating systems have components that store and use large amounts of electricity. It is always wise to call a pool repair technician to look at such equipment instead of trying your hand at it and exposing yourself to risk. Besides, swimming pool repairmen have a lot of experience in dealing with such issues so they would be more observant to the other existing problems in your swimming pool. It will help you know the areas where you need to pay attention so that the longevity of your pool is increased.