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Repairing Swimming Pool Leaks

Posted on: September 11th, 2015 by affordablepoolrepair No Comments

You need to add water to the pool every once in a while so that it can maintain its level. If you are staying in a region which has low humidity, strong winds and high air temperature, then you would notice that you need to fill water much more often than a person who stays in other regions. In normal conditions, it is quite common to see pools lose a quarter of an inch of water level every day due to evaporation. With time, this amount to almost two inches in a week.

However, if you notice that you are supplying much more water than you were before, even though the climate is not too dry or hot, chances are that your pool has a leak. Before you start hunting for it, it is wise to fill a bucket with pool water and keep it close to your pool for a few days so that you can compare the levels. If the difference in level is considerable, you do have a leak. This guide will show you what it takes to repair one.

1. Locate the leak: The leak can either be in the plumbing of your pool or the structure. You would individually need to check the filter system and pump system to see if there are any leaks in the pipes or motors. If both are functioning well, then the structure of the pool needs to be repaired.

2. Concrete structures: Any cracks in the structure of concrete pools are usually easy to locate. You may use a few drops of food color or dye around the crack to see if it is being pulled into it.

3. Fixing the leak: Once you have found the leak, you may use some patching material around it. Most of these materials are available in any local hardware shop and they work well underwater. Ensure that you plug the leak before you patch it so that the flow of water will not wash the patch away while it cures.

Although the process may seem very straight-forward, there are many chances of things going wrong. Your pool has electrical wiring around it to help the filter and pump system to function, and having leaks anywhere close to these equipments makes it dangerous.

The best option is to use the help of a professional pool repair or pool renovation expert who has the experience in handling such issues. That way, your you would save your pool from any further damage and improve its lifespan.