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How Often do You Need to Maintain and Repair Your Swimming Pool

Posted on: September 15th, 2015 by affordablepoolrepair No Comments

Clean swimming pools is not only enjoyable, but they also provide many health benefits. Water-based exercises are seen to improve the physical and mental health of people. But it is also very important to keep it clean and functional so that your family would not be exposed to unclean water.

Backyard swimming pools require a lot more maintenance and repair as they are directly exposed to winds, environmental pollutants like dirt, dust, leaves, plastic bags and temperature variations. Owning an indoor swimming pool requires lesser maintenance. Still, that does not mean that you can neglect the equipment connected to your pool. This guide will help you understand how much attention you need to pay to each aspect of your swimming pool.

1. Cleaning the water of your pool: Your pool water chemistry should remain within safe limits so that it is hygienic enough to come in contact with your skin. Swimming pools should have to have a filteration system combined with a motor to keep the water clear. Besides that, the debris and leaves which fall in outdoor pools may have to be cleaned manually by using a net.

2. Swimming pool plaster: The pool plaster keeps the surface smooth so that it does not harm your
skin. These materials are generaly strong enough to withstand abuse, but with time they may start to develop cracks, leaks or punctures. Needless to say, oudoor pools need to have their vinyls repaird or replaced earlier than indoor pools. But either way, these materials generally last for about eight to twelve years.

3. Swimming pool pump, filters and heaters: These equipment keep your swimming pool water clean and usable. The installation of pumps and filters should be done considering the amount of water they would have to handle. A good quality pump and filteration system, with good motors would be able to function well for almost a decade. Be vary of older versions of motors which may last you only for a couple of years at best.

Simple maintenance and pool repair increases the life of the pool and can improve the experience of using the it. You may be able to perform some basic tasks llike manual cleaning of debris from the pool but some of these equipments use electrical components like motors which require a lot of knowledge and experience to repair. Such processes are best left to the hands of a pool renovation professional as they would be better able to identify potential problems and find solutions for them.