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Pool Pump Problems

Posted on: September 10th, 2015 by affordablepoolrepair No Comments

The pump is one of the most important parts of your swimming pool. It is the heart of the pool’s plumbing system and it is responsible for creating the suction which draws water through the filtration system. A malfunctioning pump will quickly reduce the quality of water in your swimming pool, making it unclean and unsafe to use. Given below are few of the most frequent problems that pumps face.

1. It does not draw water: The main function of the pump is compromised in this case. This could happen due to a wide variety of problems which can include a clogged impeller, a loose electrical connection or a leak. More often than not, you may notice that the capacity of the pump to pull water reduces gradually. This is an indication that eventually, whatever the problems is, the pump would stop working.

2. Noise produced by pump is louder than usual: Swimming pool pumps are generally kept on for a considerable amount of time so most people generally get used to the noise it makes. However, if the noise becomes increasingly jarring and loud it could prove to be a nuisance to your family and your neighbors. The noise is mostly created due to increased friction and vibrations within the machine. As it is not recommended that you open the pump yourself, this problem also progressively gets worse.

3. The Pump turns off and on intermittently or does not start at all: It is almost always an electrical problem. Apart from having a steady, good quality power supply, the pump has a set of electrical equipments which are used to start the motor and keep it running. Any problems in these equipments directly affects the performance of the motor.

4. Leaks: The areas where the drainage system suffers a leak has an effect on the performance of the system. Ideally, everything has to be air-tight and water-tight. But small leaks are very common. That is why most pumps have a little air in the pump basket. But when the leaks become too large you see a drastic reduction in performance of the pump. Big leaks do not allow the pump to function in its full capacity and there would be a lot of energy and time lost to draw the same amount of water.

Please ensure that you call a swimming pool repair specialist to address the problems that your pumping system faces. These equipments run on a considerable amount of electricity and they contain parts like capacitors which store energy for a long time even after the power is cut-off. Use the help of a professional to keep yourself safe and your swimming pool functional