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Signs That Your Pool Needs Repair

Posted on: September 9th, 2015 by affordablepoolrepair No Comments

Your swimming pool is a great asset to your home, as long as it functions properly and does not pose a risk to family members. Much like any other investment, swimming pools need to be repaired and maintained so that it gives you an enjoyable experience. The following signs will tell you when it is time to call a professional pool repair company.

1. Color of the water: A well-maintained pool has clear,blue water. Unclean, murky water is a sign that your filtration system is not functioning properly. Sometimes, due to the pollutants in the surrounding air or other such factors, the chemical composition of the water may change slightly. This change can become visible when the water turns greenish instead of remaining clear blue.

2. Reduced water level: Water gets evaporated at a higher rate in hot, dry climates. So if you are staying in such a region, you may see the water level of your pool drop by around two inches a week. If the climate is cool and humid, and you still have to regularly refill your pool, chances are that it has developed a leak.

3. Pump noise: The pump creates a typical whirring noise every time it is in operation. With time, this noise may get louder, softer or intermittent and jarring. The changing noise of your pump suggests that it may need to be maintained. Malfunctioning pumps also generally have starting problems and do not draw as much water as they used to. Leaving the pump unattended will slowly make your water unhygienic and make it more difficult for your to refill your pool.

The equipment and structures which are needed to keep your swimming pool safe and functional need to be handled by a professional so that you can ensure that they get quality maintenance. Pool repairs may include dealing with electrical machines like motors, and these machines are around a lot of water. Without the right equipment, it makes it very unsafe for untrained persons to try their hand at repairing.

Pool repair and pool maintenance technicians are much more knowledgeable of the issues that a swimming pool faces, and they are far more capable of finding long term solutions to these problems. They may also be able to identify problems that you may have overlooked, which can save you a lot of trouble if addressed on time.