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How to Identify Pool Coping Problems

Posted on: September 16th, 2015 by affordablepoolrepair No Comments

Pool coping, to people familiar with constructing swimming pools, is the structure that comes at the brim of the pool, all around it, between the pool tiles and the pool deck. It should be smooth enough so that it does not harm the skin of your family members, yet it should be sturdy and shaped so as to support peoples’ weight. There are many different materials and methods that can be used for pool coping, including brick, cement, or stones like travertine and flagstone.

The structure and function of coping

Good pool coping includes many useful functions like guiding the splashed water to the deck drains, concealing the steel and concrete of the pool shell and providing a non-skid surface for swimmers when they need to grab the edge of the pool. The concrete tiles or slabs that are used to construct pool coping can be precast in corners, curved sections or straight lines and is mounted on the bond beam.

The problems that you can face

Coping problems include cracks or loose tiles or bricks along the edge of the pool. These are not only unsightly, but can also prove to be a safety hazard. The cracks can be very sharp which could cause abrasions or cuts to swimmers. Loose tiles may lead to accidents like falls which may lead to serious injuries.

The cracks and misalignment of coping can happen due to changes in the temperature as materials have a tendency to expand in high temperatures and contract in low temperature. In cold regions, the freezing of water can cause pool coping to be burdened with more stress than it is designed to handle. Most places which see a large temperature variation between winter and summer tend to wear out pool coping faster.

The solution to pool coping problems
There are many factors which contribute towards creating good pool coping, including crafting the right tiles or slabs, placing them correctly and using the right materials to support it during pool construction. It is best to use the help of a professional pool repair or pool renovation company which offers to maintain your pool coping.

The professionals would be able to identify the source of the pool coping problems much more accurately than an inexperienced person. Hiring a pool maintenance professional every once in a while will ensure that your pool is safe and enjoyable.