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Pool Renovation & Repair

At Affordable Pools, we understand that your pool is a significant investment. Not only does it provide a refreshing escape from the scorching summer heat but serves as a point of entertainment, relaxation, and exercise for your loved ones and guests. However, as a pool owner, you know that it’s not all smooth sailing. Your pool needs periodic maintenance, repairs, and upgrades to keep it looking top-notch and functioning optimally. If you’re searching for reliable pool renovation and repair services in Boston and Massachusetts, look no further than Affordable Pools.

Pool Renovation Boston

Your pool’s surface is incredibly vital in maintaining its appearance, durability, and longevity. If your pool surface is cracked, stained, or outdated, let us give it a fresh lease of life with our pool renovation services. Our skilled professionals will help you choose the perfect surface for your pool’s needs, whether it’s traditional plaster, exposed aggregate finishes, or pebble-based finishes. We’ll work with you to … Continue reading

Polished Aggregate Pool Interior

Pool finishes contribute greatly to the overall look of a swimming pool as the color of the water can easily be influenced by the pool interior. Polished aggregate pool finishes incorporate the use of fine pieces of colored stones, which include granite, marble and quartz. This kind of finish is quickly becoming more popular than the traditional pool plaster in places like Newmarket, New Hampshire. This guide will help you better understand the properties of polished aggregate pool interiors so that you can make an informed decision about your swimming pool design.

The aggregate mixture consists of white or colored traditional plaster mixed with a variety of small pieces of stones. They provide a much more luxurious pool surface as compared to traditional pool plasters. The aggregate needs to be mixed proportionately to achieve a particular color and then it has to be applied manually by using a trowel. Once the aggregate is applied to the pool shell, the surface … Continue reading

Exposed Aggregate Pool Interiors

The pool coping and finish has a huge influence on the design of a swimming pool. A good swimming pool finish would be able to provide good friction under wet conditions, make the swimming pool look great and require low maintenance. Exposed aggregate pool interiors are very low cost and versatile compared to other options like pool tiles, and they also offer better performance than traditional pool plasters. This guide will help you gain more knowledge about exposed aggregate pool interiors if you plan to use it for your pool.

Exposed aggregate finish involves the use of a concrete base mixed with colored pebbles, stones and even glass beads. The variety you get is mostly because of the innumerable combinations of different colored stones. As the pieces of stones and pebbles come to the surface once the concrete sets, the surface would not be very smooth, but it would provide superior grip in wet conditions. Smaller pieces of stones make … Continue reading

Stone Pool Tiles

Swimming pool owners around areas like Hampton, New Hampshire are increasingly moving towards choosing stone pool tiles for their swimming pool design. Such pool tiles can have a variety of natural stones as the main source, including marble, granite, onyx, limestone and slate. If you are considering using stone pool tiles for your swimming pool, this guide will help you with your decision.

Stone pool tiles are best used when you want the swimming pool to blend in perfectly with its natural surroundings. The designs which are created by stone pool tiles complement a modern architecture. The natural look that stone gives to the pool make it look more like a pond, and the dark colors accents the depth of the water. Stone pool tiles are very long lasting and they require little maintenance. There is no question of rust or any such reactions due to constant contact with water and they are able to withstand all weather conditions perfectly. … Continue reading

Glass Pool Tiles

Swimming pools around Exeter, New Hampshire are seeing a new trend of owners choosing to use glass pool tiles for the interior of their pool. Glass pool tiles are very attractive and they come in a very large variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures. The touch of elegance it adds to the swimming pool makes it stand out more as a work of art. If you are considering choosing glass pool tiles for your swimming pool, this guide will help you better understand what to consider.

There are many different kinds of glass pool tiles which are available in the market. You can have opaque glass to completely clear and transparent glass tiles, and designs which have varying degrees of translucence. You would need to pick out the color and transparency according to what kind of effect you would want in your swimming pool. More transparent glass tiles keep the pool looking brighter while opaque glasses makes the pool … Continue reading

Pool Tile Finish

The interior of a pool has a huge effect on the look and feel of the swimming pool. Whether you plan to construct an in-ground pool or renovate an existing pool, a good interior finish will not only provide comfort to the swimmer’s feet, but would also be stylish and durable. There are many different pool finishes available in Derry, which gives you a great variety of options while you are deciding the design of your swimming pool. Pool tiles are one of the most expensive types of pool finishes, but it provides the most durable and long lasting service. This guide will help you decide the pool tile finishes which will best fit to your needs.

The advantages

Pool tiles offer a wide variety of colorful design options. There are also many different shapes and sizes that you can choose from and the material of the pool tile will decide its cost, durability and aesthetic. Most of the tiles … Continue reading

Pool Pebble Plaster

Traditional pool plasters are a mixture of cement and marble. It is white in color and smooth to touch, and it has been in use since more than half a century. Most swimming pools throughout the US, including the ones in Londonderry, use the traditional pool plaster which has a light, shimmering blue color, but pool owners see many problems with these plasters.

Traditional pool plasters are porous and they react with harsh pool chemicals. They are more susceptible to permanent stains and etching marks which can occur with time. Traditional pool plasters may require lesser investment at the beginning, but the amount of care and maintenance required to preserve this material has made it unpopular amongst pool owners in recent times.

The advent of higher quality pool resurfacing material

Despite being almost twice as costly compared to traditional surfaces, pool pebble plaster is one of the most popular choices of modern pool surfaces that pool owners use. The material … Continue reading

Pool Diamond Brite Plaster

Pool plasters not only provide a good surface for the interior of the swimming pool, but they also have a dramatic effect on the look and design of the pool. The traditional swimming pool plasters are created by a mixture of cement and powdered marble. Such plasters have a white surface which is smooth to touch and it gives the water a shimmering color of blue. But traditional marble based pool plasters are porous, which means that they have a tendency to harbor bacteria and show stains.

Modern, durable plasters

Pool diamond brite plaster is a very popular choice amongst people as it gives one of the best interior finishes to the swimming pool. It has natural quartz as a primary ingredient, which gives it excellent durability. Unlike marble based pool plasters, pool chemicals do not readily react with diamond brite plasters. They are, therefore, resistant to permanent stains and remain unaffected by most of the harshest pool chemicals.

Better … Continue reading

How Pool Shocking Works

You might have heard of your pool maintenance guy ask you about shock treatments for your pool. Shocking a pool, as it is known, does not involve electricity in any way, it does, however, involve a lot of chemicals ‘shocking’ your pool and cleaning it before it recovers. It is an important part of pool repair. The main ingredient to the shocking process is chlorine.

Super-chlorination as it is also called is the adding of large doses of chlorine directly into the pool’s water, it can be from 5 to 10 times the normal amount used in pools. The main reason behind super-chlorination is to get the pool to maintain a positive level of free chlorine. It is achieved when the excess amounts of the chemical breaks down all the combined chlorine, clearing contamination and destroying organic waste. The process will be repeated till the water can hold free chlorine for a few hours after the treatment.

When to shock … Continue reading

Pool Renovation Ideas that You Could Use

Do you want to add a few bells and whistles to your poolscape so it is more than just your basic pool? Well, here are some pool renovation ideas that you can use.


If your pool looks beaten and worn out, a resurfacing drill can make it look brand new. You can choose from many materials for the resurfacing project, during which the current pool interiors are lined with a new material. Fiberglass and plaster are commonly used for the purpose. Experts can also have a good look at the pool walls to look for any signs of damage when the original liner is removed, to see if it needs any patch up.

Pool deck

Pool decks can alter the look of your poolscape entirely. Given the vast number of choices such as tile, stone and concrete pool decks today, it should not be difficult to find one that goes with your patio or backyard. If you are not … Continue reading