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Polished Aggregate Pool Interior

Posted on: October 2nd, 2015 by affordablepoolrepair No Comments

Pool finishes contribute greatly to the overall look of a swimming pool as the color of the water can easily be influenced by the pool interior. Polished aggregate pool finishes incorporate the use of fine pieces of colored stones, which include granite, marble and quartz. This kind of finish is quickly becoming more popular than the traditional pool plaster in places like Newmarket, New Hampshire. This guide will help you better understand the properties of polished aggregate pool interiors so that you can make an informed decision about your swimming pool design.

  • The aggregate mixture consists of white or colored traditional plaster mixed with a variety of small pieces of stones. They provide a much more luxurious pool surface as compared to traditional pool plasters.
  • The aggregate needs to be mixed proportionately to achieve a particular color and then it has to be applied manually by using a trowel. Once the aggregate is applied to the pool shell, the surface is polished to make it smooth and to ensure that the colors of the stones are visible.
  • The surface provided by polished aggregate pool finishes is hard and it does not readily react with chemicals. This gives the surface a degree of resistance against stains and aging damage.
  • Due to the many different types of stones that can be used, aggregate finishes come with a very large variety of colors and textures. Multiple types of stones can be combined to form a particular shade, giving each pool owner the freedom to choose the exact shade that they need.
  • The addition of stone-pieces extends the life of the plaster to about fifteen years. It works well with classic designs of swimming pools due to the effect it has on the color of the water.
  • As the surface is polished and smooth, it provides good grip underwater. Since the grip is not compromised, it makes it a safe mixture to be used for pool coping.

With time, plaster aggregates will see the signs of aging with the appearance of cracks and non-uniformity on the surface. Such issues need to be addressed quickly as they might prove to become a safety hazard to you and your family members. Ensure that you use a professional pool renovation or pool repair service as they would be able to repair every aspect of your pool and keep it in a usable condition for a longer period of time.