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Pool Diamond Brite Plaster

Posted on: September 24th, 2015 by affordablepoolrepair No Comments

Pool plasters not only provide a good surface for the interior of the swimming pool, but they also have a dramatic effect on the look and design of the pool. The traditional swimming pool plasters are created by a mixture of cement and powdered marble. Such plasters have a white surface which is smooth to touch and it gives the water a shimmering color of blue. But traditional marble based pool plasters are porous, which means that they have a tendency to harbor bacteria and show stains.

Modern, durable plasters

Pool diamond brite plaster is a very popular choice amongst people as it gives one of the best interior finishes to the swimming pool. It has natural quartz as a primary ingredient, which gives it excellent durability. Unlike marble based pool plasters, pool chemicals do not readily react with diamond brite plasters. They are, therefore, resistant to permanent stains and remain unaffected by most of the harshest pool chemicals.

Better safety and more comfort

Pool plasters need to be comfortable to the feet. An extremely smooth surface might get slippery which would become a safety hazard to pool users. Pool diamond brite plaster was crafted to be slip resistant under wet conditions. It is also very comfortable to the pool users, which helps them stay in the water for longer times, extending the hours of entertainment and leisure that they gain from the swimming pool.


Maintaining traditional marble-based swimming pool plasters is a difficult task considering the reaction it has to harsh pool water chemicals. Pool diamond brite plasters are resistant to the etching and stains which can be caused when pool water is treated by harsh chemicals. The plaster can also be drained and cleaned without seeing any damage on the surface. The amount of effort that pool owners need to put in for the maintenance of such plasters is therefore, reduced.

Apart from all these advantages, pool diamond brite plasters come in a variety of different colors, each of which gives the swimming pool water a distinct look. As natural quartz comes in many different colors, it is possible for manufacturers to create mixtures which give the pool water a specific shade, dramatically increasing the amount of customization of your swimming pool. Even though it costs more than traditional plaster, many spas, public swimming pools and private pool owners across Windham have begun using diamond brite plasters for their decorative and practical purposes.