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Swimming Pool Materials to Consider Before Remodeling

Posted on: September 3rd, 2015 by affordablepoolrepair No Comments

Pools are a great extension to any home, be it deck level, above ground or ground level. They can be made to reflect the decor and become an integral part of any home. Conversely, the pool area can be its own separate space and can have its own motif. If you already have a pool and are looking at remodeling, this could be the guide for you to select a particular style or make a combination of different styles to create your own, personalized space. There is a lot more to swimming pools than just plain blue tiles. Here are a number of design suggestions that you can think about.

    • Glass
      While being a relatively new idea, glass lined pools are all the rage right now. Glass gives the pool a kind of shimmer and look that makes it a lot more luxurious to look at and feel, something that most other designs cannot do. Glass is also not restricted to a particular pattern, color or even texture. Glass mosaics are currently in, and if you want your pool to look as great as it feels, this could be it.
    • Porcelain
      Porcelain may feel like an odd choice when it comes to pool lining, but there are few materials that offer the longevity that it brings to the pool. The colors and patterns can take quite a beating and you are unlikely to see any fading for years to come. The durability of Porcelain is almost unmatched and is one of the strongest options in the market right now. It is also relatively lightweight, making the installation much simpler.
    • Stone
      Strength, durability, and reliability have no competition when stone is involved. There is a certain sense of permanence that comes with stone that makes it very attractive. There is also the natural pond or lake feel to it that makes stone feel good in a pool. Natural temperature and other properties make it not only aesthetically pleasing but also sensible. Stone will never go out of fashion. Think about it.
    • Concrete
      The cheapest way to line your pool is also the least preferred as raw concrete will never have a smooth finish and can be abrasive on the skin.

The above options are but a few in what you can do with your pool renovation project. Speak to a designer or contractor and see what works best for your space and budget.