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Pointers to Consider Before Renovating your Pool

Posted on: September 2nd, 2015 by affordablepoolrepair No Comments

If your pool is looking bleak, with broken tiles and too much dirt between the grout or just generally old and worn, it may be time to think of a remodeling. Firstly, unlike many other projects in your home, pool renovation is not something that can be done by yourself. Do not even attempt a DIY pool remodeling, it’s just not worth the time and effort, this one is best left to the experts. Here are a few things to keep in mind before calling in the contractors to remodel your pool.

Is it the right time?

There are two levels to this question: first, how long after pool construction should you renovate, and which part of the year is best suited to undertake this? There is no real date or time period that is given as to the working life of a pool. In most cases, a well-maintained and responsibly used pool should last a lifetime. Changing the pool instruments, piping, filters and other essential paraphernalia on time and as recommended by the makers is all you need to do, if your pool is well made and constructed. Remodeling and renovation is more of a cosmetic procedure, so if you no longer like the way your pool looks, if it is too old, looks plain or even if it looks too tacky in your opinion, it may be time to go for it.

As for which part of the year is best suited, it depends on when you need the pool to be ready. Pools are normally used around the summer and spring seasons, so fall and early winter may be a good time to get it done. If you are in a region that sees heavy snow or rain, they must be taken into consideration as no work can be done in these conditions. Also, pool renovators have a busy season and a less busy season, rates fluctuate accordingly, so you might want to look that up as well.

Set time and budget

Pool renovation can be literally without end as there are so many things that you can do to make your pool better and work better for you. From different tiles to lighting and shape, there can be no end to it. What you need then is a time frame, a budget and a design. Find a contractor that you can work with and make sure it is done within the constraints of your frame.