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Problems You Could Face With Your Pool Filter

Posted on: September 18th, 2015 by affordablepoolrepair No Comments

The filtration system of your swimming pool is an integral part of your your daily swimming pool maintenance equipment. The filter gets rid of any pollutants or debris which may enter the water from the surrounding environment. A functional swimming pool filter keeps the water clean, clear and safe so that you and your family would be able to enjoy using it without facing any health problems. However, these equipments too need maintenance and occasional repairs. This guide will help you identify if your filter is giving you problems.

1. You can see dirt coming back into your swimming pool:
Filters generally are filled with sand and other filter media which help in cleaning out the water. It is quite normal to see a little bit of sand in the pool after you have back-washed the filter, but if you notice that there is a steady deposit of filter media, then your filter needs repair.

2. Water seems to drip out of the backwash line:
Water is not supposed to leak out of the backwash line, unless you are back-washing. It is also normal to notice a small stream of water flowing out after you have back-washed. The leak can usually be rectified by tightening the handle. If, however, you see that water is continuing to leak, then the filter may have a broken valve.

3. The filter needs to be cleaned too often:
Filters have filter media which simply separates the dirt and debris form the water. But this needs to be cleaned by pool owners every now and then so that the equipment can function normally. If the filter has operational since around seven years, the filter media might need replacement as it would start to break down or clog up. Remember that all filter media would eventually have to be replaced so that your pool can remain clean.

In swimming pool maintenance procedures, taking care of the pool filter is one of the primary objectives as stagnant water quickly starts to become dirty and unusable. The best practice would be to routinely check and repair pool filter problems instead of waiting for it to break-down completely. These procedures are best left at the hands of a professional. Swimming pool maintenance specialists are more observant towards the problems around the pool and they would be much more capable in finding solutions for the problems you may have with your filter.