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6 Common Signs of Swimming Pool Problems

Swimming is a great form of exercise and entertainment, so having a pool in your backyard makes you healthier and keeps you prepared for when you have friends and family over for the weekend. They’re a great way to stay cool during the summer. Irregular swimming pool maintenance can lead to contaminated water and cause a variety of problems for you and your family. Here are a few things to check to see if your pool is in good condition:

1. Algae: If there is algae in the water, then you’ll know immediately as it turns green. For these species to grow, the pH level of the water needs to be higher than normal, indicating that the chlorine in your pool is insufficient. If you use alternate sanitizers, then you need to make sure that your algaecide levels are up to par.

2. Cloudy Water: The water in your pool becomes cloudy or milky when there are external particles in … Continue reading

How to Get the Best Finish for your Pool’s Plaster

There are a number of options that you can go through before you jump into pool construction. Everything from shape, size, depth, and most importantly, surface finish can be customized as you wish. Plaster is a popular choice as it gives pools a nice smooth and easy on the skin finish. Pool plaster is a mix of white cement, marble aggregates and water. It also makes the pool look good while being cost effective. In fact, building codes dictate that in most public pools, the surface has to be plastered.

Here are a few tips on getting the finish perfect and keeping it that way

White is not the only color Back in the day, there was no other choice of color except white, but recent innovations in the field have made it possible for a wide range of colors to be added to the plaster. Addition of color has made it possible for further customization. Quartz additives Quartz additives … Continue reading

Swimming Pool Materials to Consider Before Remodeling

Pools are a great extension to any home, be it deck level, above ground or ground level. They can be made to reflect the decor and become an integral part of any home. Conversely, the pool area can be its own separate space and can have its own motif. If you already have a pool and are looking at remodeling, this could be the guide for you to select a particular style or make a combination of different styles to create your own, personalized space. There is a lot more to swimming pools than just plain blue tiles. Here are a number of design suggestions that you can think about.

Glass While being a relatively new idea, glass lined pools are all the rage right now. Glass gives the pool a kind of shimmer and look that makes it a lot more luxurious to look at and feel, something that most other designs cannot do. Glass is also not restricted … Continue reading

Pointers to Consider Before Renovating your Pool

If your pool is looking bleak, with broken tiles and too much dirt between the grout or just generally old and worn, it may be time to think of a remodeling. Firstly, unlike many other projects in your home, pool renovation is not something that can be done by yourself. Do not even attempt a DIY pool remodeling, it’s just not worth the time and effort, this one is best left to the experts. Here are a few things to keep in mind before calling in the contractors to remodel your pool.

Is it the right time?

There are two levels to this question: first, how long after pool construction should you renovate, and which part of the year is best suited to undertake this? There is no real date or time period that is given as to the working life of a pool. In most cases, a well-maintained and responsibly used pool should last a lifetime. Changing the pool … Continue reading

Pool Plaster 5 Things You Need to Know

Whether you are installing a swimming pool, renovating a swimming pool or remodeling your swimming pool it’s a major life event during the course of the project. The entire process, from the initiaml concept to picking out patio furniture, can be filled with many decisions. None are more crucial or challenging than selecting the perfect pool finish for your Gunite pool. Water is clear, so your interior pool finish is the major factor that will create the color you want your pool to be. Whether it’s island water colors or a traditional blue pool water, the pool plaster finish is a major factor to the water color. Before making such a big decision, take the time to look at all of the conditions and aspects of your pool setting. Here are Five Things To Consider When Choosing Your Pool Color that should help you make the right choice for your ideal paradise!

Surroundings: The … Continue reading

How To Choose The Right Swimming Pool Builder For You

4 Qualities Of Great Pool Builders 1. They Put You And Your Family First 2. They Are Only Interested in A Long Term Relationship With You And Your Pool Needs 3. They Work to Constantly Improve Themselves 4. They Keep No Secrets

This begs the question, how can you tell the good from the bad?…or more likely the differences between good, better, and best? There are several ways. 1. Ask for references and check those references. Check with Better Business Bureau. 2. Ask the builder how many pools as he built? Ask him to let you see some of the pools he has built in person. 3. Ask the builder are you licensed (If needed) and insured? 4. How do you compare to other swimming pool installers in the area? 5. What are the types of pools you build? 6. Who will be supervising the construction of my swimming pool? 7. How long will take to finish building my swimming … Continue reading

Pool Plaster Installation Process

The Installation of the Pool Plaster and the type of pool plaster final finish can be determined by the Pool Plaster Installer. The way the installer mixes and finished the plaster can ultimately determine the final finish of the plaster as well as the longevity of the plaster. If for example the mix of the pool plaster has too much calcium added, (the calcium is added to speed up the finishing time which some installers prefer in order to plaster two or three pools a day per crew), it will generally create a darker off white plaster in a white marble mix plaster for example. To check out what types of plaster are available click here.

Pool Plaster Installers are faced with new challenges as there are several different types of plaster finishes that were not on the market within the last 5-10 years. Some of the plaster finishes available now are Quartz Finishes, Pebble Finishes, and Glass Bead Finishes. … Continue reading

Repairing Pool Tile in Your Gunite Pool

Repairing Pool Tile By Bill Dudley at Affordable Pools in Nashua NH Serving all of New England

Repairing pool tile on your gunite swimming pool can be overwhelming, but if you need only a few pieces of tile patched, then this is a DIY kind of project. If half or more of your tile needs to be replaced it may be wise to have a professional pool tile installer install your new pool tile (we will get to this further down in this article).

If you only need a few pieces of tile replaced, you will either need to save the tile that fell off or get some matching tile to use. Most tile if it is more than 10 years old is no longer made, so you will have to find something similar to your existing tile to replace the missing pieces of tile. Once you are ready to replace and repair the pool tile, you … Continue reading

Commercial Pool Repair at Skymeadow Country Club Nashua NH

Affordable is currently renovating the gunite pool at Skymeadow Country Club off of Spit Brook Rd in Nashua NH. We started off last fall installing all new Pool Coping Stones and new Frost proof Pool Tile. At that time we also started prepping and preparing the interior of the gunite to have the new Diamond Brite Cool Blue Pool Plaster Finish installed come spring time.

Well now that spring has arrived, Affordable Pools is trying to get every little detail finished to perfection in order to have this commercial pool up and running for Memorial Day.

This is the type of Pool Work Affordable Pools is known for.

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Pool Resurfacing in Cambridge Massachusetts

Affordable Pools has been fixing and maintaining pools all across Massachusetts and New Hampshire for decades. We take the best of old world craftsmanship, mix it in with the best of modern technology, and provide you with the best pool service there is in the entire New England area. We’ve put smiles on the faces of countless clients, and we couldn’t be filled with more gratitude and joy because of it. Say you need, for example, pool resurfacing in Cambridge, MA done. It’s important to keep in mind that a lot of pool companies in the area are newly established and have little experience to share with the customer. Other companies may have the experience but lack the ability to set affordable prices that can accommodate your likely trimmed-down budget. Neither one of those issues is a problem for us here at Affordable Pool Repair. In fact, we’re known for sending seasoned, competent employees to our customers’ homes and charging … Continue reading